BROS. MAXMAN Teams Superhero Sibs Against Evil Forces In The First Trailer

I can’t remember the last time an average joe schmo put on a pair of glasses and became a superhero. Apparently this is the narrative being stuck to as seen in Masuda Akihide’s 2015 debut, Mr. Maxman spoofing the superhero genre with comedic doses aplenty.

The same, as it stands, can pretty much be said for the new 2017 sequel, Bros. Maxman. Newly joining is actor Ryusei Ryo with returning actor Chiba Yudai as our brotherly title heroes where the former finds himself haphazardly turned into a superhero and, much like his older sib, falls in love with a woman at the same news station where they work.

Also starring are Uchida Rio and Yamamoto Mizuki for the film’s release on January 7 in Japan. Cue oddball antics, self-discovery, a bit of slapstick and some awkward romance to boot with the usual visual superhero spectacle of which you can now take a glance at in the first trailer just below.