VAMPARIAH: Catch The Trailer For Matthew Abaya’s Action Horror Feature Debut

Aswang film lore takes center stage this year with writer and director Matthew Abaya for his newest debut feature, Vampariah. The film has screened at festivals aplenty with four wins under its belt while going largely quiet in marketing, although ITN Distribution has long since nabbed the rights to the independent action horror with streaming availability live at Amazon over the summer.

Mahal is a part of an elite squad of skilled hunters responsible for keeping the world safe from vampires and other creatures of the night. Her mission to rid the world of this undead threat becomes compromised when her fate intertwines with an aswang (a vampire of Philippine folklore).

Kelly Lou Dennis (Fist 2 Fist: Weapon Of Choice) stars along with Aureen Almario, Arlene Boado, Scott Matthison and Roberto Divina among the cast. The film’s social media handlers are currently pushing a Netflix release campaign so feel free to follow Vampariah on Facebook and weigh in. Otherwise, check out the latest trailer below and click here to stream the film at Amazon.