Make Way For German Martial Arts Action With JACK WALKER

Making way for German martial arts action cinema is the auspicious return of cinematography wonder and filmmaker Tanay Ulgen for Jack Walker. Ulgen, whose exemplary work can be seen in an array of shortfilms online such as The Messenger and Repercussion, makes his feature debut.

Hailing from Broken Bone Productions and Mike Moeller Films, actor Stefan Morawietz who appears alongside Darren Shahlavi in Ip Man 2, stars from a script by Andreas and Mathias Urra. The film also rejoins him with Arena Of The Street Fighter and One Million K(l)icks star Mike Moeller who serves as fight choreographer, and in turn with Ulgen as they both share lineage with Reel Deal Action feature, Plan B: Scheiss Auf Plan A.

A trailer is on its way so feel free to tune back in should one arise, and follow the film’s progress on Facebook as well.