Xu Haofeng’s MOONLIGHT BLADE Shimmers Online With New Prelim Poster Art

Activity on writer and director Xu Haofeng’s end has largely been quiet, save for some film festival profusion he earned with his latest period tale, The Hidden Sword. The film screened in Vancouver and Montreal while its local release is yet to be determined, and going forward, he still has his upcoming reimagining of Chor Yuen’s 1976 adaptation of the Ku Long novel, The Magic Blade.

Yes, it’s been a few years since news broke and surely enough, a film like this seems like right up Xu’s alley. Ti Lung and Lo Lieh headlined as two swordsman vying for the legendary and peacock dart and are forced to pair up and fight together when it lands in the wrong hands. Nothing else beyond previous news is known but the fact that we have a new preliminary poster online signaling the film’s existence is certainly welcoming.

Take a look at the art for Moonlight Blade just below..

(Hat tip to Asian Film Strike)