Micah Brock And Shane Fazen Present A Duel Of Styles In TAEKWONDO VS. MUAY THAI

Micah Brock, independent filmmaker and action director best known for his recent efforts with his successful online miniseries, Slug Street Scrappers, unveiled his latest short video via Youtube showcasing a cinematic clash of hard-hitting styles in Taekwondo VS. Muay Thai. The new video, of which there are two versions you can view below, pits Brock opposite fellow martial artist Shane Fazen, both whom have accumlated their respective audiences as online martial arts instructors over the last several years through their individual channels as Kwonkicker and Fight Tips.

For online fight fans, the video is but a precursor to a much larger, ambitious movement Brock and Fazen have been developing in recent months with Brock jumping on board as one of a select handful of contributing instructors for Fazen‘s new channel, My Fight Gym, for which he hosted a near half-hour interactive Q&A on Monday. The channel is accomodating willing participants with a two-week free trial offer which just started, so by all means, head over to the official page and subscribe to learn more about what Fazen, and his growing team have in store for you.

Brock‘s current film work on Slug Street Scrappers 4: Beat ‘Em Up is still in post-production, with further projects still likely in development.