HiGH&LOW THE MOVIE 2: End Of Sky Gets Brutal And Emotive In The Newest Trailer

It’s been nearly two years since the LDH, Inc’s HiGH&LOW project, shepherded by producer Exile Hiro, with two shows and a slate of films that will now culminate with a two-part finale this year. For that, I reckon it’ll be another few years thereafter until we hear more on overseas distribution should we be so lucky, and I can only hope this is at least the case as much as I’ve been following this particular franchise.

That’s a two-season drama and a five-film run with two of those being spin-offs therein, featuring a stellar line-up of actors and notables of J-pop supergroup Exile Tribe as the franchise chronicles the events within a town fractured by gangs and the interwoven politics of its leaders. For this, we now have Kubo Shigeaki (HiGH&LOW: The Movie) and Nakakuki Tsuyoshi (HiGH&LOW: Season Two) at the chair for the latest chapter in the saga, HiGH&LOW The Movie 2: End Of Sky, featuring actors Iwata Takanori, Kubota Masataka, Nakamura Aoi and Naoto among those leading the cast, and action sequences by Ouchi Takahito (Kamui, Rurouni Kenshin Trilogy).

Members of SWORD win against Wangan Rengogun, which is led by Kohaku. The city becomes peaceful again. 

Nevertheless, the most brutal gangs appear. The gangs are Doubt, led by Hayashi Ranmaru, and Prison Gang, led by Jeshi. These gangs try to dominate the area controlled by SWORD. The new gangs also go up against other gangs in the area. Finally, Doubt, with the help from Prison Gang, challenges White Rascals to fight.

The new film opens this Saturday in Japan and the newest trailer is live in the player below with title track, “Break Into The Dark”, performed by Valentine with Rui and Afrojack.