Aaron Toney + 87 Eleven Present: NATALIE PADILLA Vs. TAMIKO BROWNLEE

Anyday is a good day to catch some amazing martial arts on the internet. Alas, pan over to actor and stuntman Aaron Toney who’s been maintaining his own growth in the world of film for sometime now. One recent example is the current post-production of his latest experiment in action design and independent film, Throne, which already has itself quite a promising teaser as of July.

While we await the verdict on that project, Toney recently spent some time behind the camera with two other amazing action actresses for a new test fight sequence of their own. The video features Natalie Padilla and Tamiko Brownlee, and while I could say more about how great it looks, really (as Morpheus would say), you have to see it for yourself!

Check it out now on Toney‘s YouTube channel, and please subscribe!