New Posters Are Here For Desert Road Flick, NO MAN'S LAND

Filmsmash delivered a fresh batch of posters in light of the upcoming release of writer and director Ning Hao‘s long-awaited upcoming black comedy thriller, No Man’s Land. The posters come just a month after the official domestic theatrical release date for December 3, 2013 was announced from China Film Group back in October following a 2009 production that wrapped in April 2010 in time for the summer film festival circuit, only to languish in censorship due to what the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television’s own Zhao Baohua described of the film as “trash,” “depraved,” “gratuitous” and “out of touch with reality”, in addition to Baohua deeming the film as reflective of Ning’s narcissism in abandoning his responsibility as an artist.