ONCE UPON A TIME IN VENICE: Bruce Willis Leads The Chase In The Latest Trailer For The Action Comedy

Seven years after the 2010 cop comedy, Cop Out, scribes Robb and Mark Cullen have reteamed with actor Bruce Willis for their latest debut helmer, Once Upon A Time In Venice. The film is poised for a June 16 release on VoD and with a trailer already circulating, it’s a worthwhile glimpse into something that looks a lot more vibrant for a Willis headliner.

It probably has much ado with the presence of actor Jason Momoa (Justice League, Aquaman) on the official artwork, providing the big name status cast a film like this needed to move forward. Here he plays one of the major hurdles that await Willis, in the role of a Los Angeles P.I. on the eve of a comeback, now afoot with a smorgasbord of crooks and gangsters in his wake as he searches for his stolen dog.

The key cast also includes the venerable Famke Janssen and John Goodman along with Thomas Middleditch and Adam Goldberg. Catch the trailer now from Front Row Filmed Entertainment.