John Wusah Saves The Day In The New Shortfilm, VALIANT

Superhero movies are nothing new for people like independent filmmaker, stuntman and actor John Wusah who is serving up a dish full of his own masked heroics for his latest superhero-inspired shortfilm, Valiant. Co-starring Katie Kabili and co-directed by actor Michael Lehr, Valiant is the latest project kicking things off for Wusah in his latest collaboration with 108 Films and cinematic action stunt team Fight Factory.

Not much dialogue is heard here, nor is there the usual big budget spectacle or any special effects or wires as Valiant delivers clear, cut and dry martial arts action with a noteworthy, inspiring message wrapped in a little homage to superheroes from all walks of life. The shortfilm also sets another signature example of non-budgeted yet ambitious efforts that carry heavily on the continually creative efforts of a flourishing group of film professionals who very much remain an active lot to look out for in 2014. So, while you’re here, grab a friend and take the next five minutes to enjoy the new independent action piece hosted by the official channel for Wusah Productions where you may also subscribe.

Valiant also stars Oscar Leiva and David Bauer, with fight choreography and camerawork by Narayana Cabral.