Watch A New Clip From Turkish Assassin Thriller PANZEHIR

Turkish director Alper Çağlar‘s new hitman crime thriller, Panzehir, has been on the move promoting itself for several months now with several trailers and videos online for a while, with the most recent teaser and subsequent English-subbed trailer forwarded at Twitchfilm. And this week, we now have a new extended clip loosely translated as “Other Blood” which showcases a little more of the film’s dramatic intensity, accompanied by some heavy-hitting action near the end which you can take a look below the synopsis.

The trailers themselves look very impressive, and lately I got to look at some pretty cool online indie action gems that further showcase the potential from stunt professionals in that region. And feel free to educate me on this – truthfully, I don’t really know full well about the niche or the industry over there (with exception to what would have likely been a memorable Scott Adkins/Cyril Raffaelli hit in the form of Karanlık Hesaplaşma – otherwise known as Dark Deal were it not cancelled.), although I hope this one will help change things and stir things up for that indistry so we can bit see more from Turkey on the action front.

Panzehir stars Emin Boztepe and Cüneyt Arkin, with Christina Gottschalk and Tolga Akdogan, and opens in Turkish cinemas on May 9, 2014, courtesy of Warner Bros. Turkey.

SYNOPSIS (Special thanks to Hussain Abdullah for the translation): 

“Sometimes the price for our great sins is paid in the here and now.” 

Kadir Korkut, 48 years old. For thirty years he has been the right-hand man of a man known as Kara Cemal (Black Cemal), head of crime, Istanbul’s only judge. They are the spitting image of each other. Cruel, intelligent and known for spreading fear around them, these two criminal masterminds were called into being by their generations. Cemal rules, Kadir kills. 

After falling in love with a blind woman named Elsa Lund, Kadir now realizes that he must rise from the wolves. But the world he is in shows Kadir no fidelity. Kadir sees Kara Cemal as his father who betrays him, his son, the angel of death, due to never-ending conspiracies. Kadir is poisoned with a chemical that will kill him in 6 hours. The only chance to survive and to keep his loved ones alive is the antidote held by Kara Cemal. This time Kadir is forced to kill those that Cemal wants dead. This is how Kadir’s last night begins. In this adrenalin storm time is running out and the stakes get higher. To get away from the villains Kadir teams up with Cem, a police mole who is also poisoned, and together they absolutely confront them. 

An inevitable showdown with the city’s criminals, his conscience and his past. 

The last epic fight of a killer who has done evil throughout his life and whose spiritual father has betrayed him. 

Panzehir (Antidote): Contemporary film making, formidable technical execution and a masterfully written screenplay with a film that will introduce a whole new generation of cinema. The most important objective: To reinforce the global reputation of Turkish cinema.