CROWDFUNDING ALERT: Help Keep The Dorans Together In Their Time Of Need Following Last Week’s San Leandro Shooting

From L to R: Paul and Susan Doran, daughter Kaitlin and wife, Bridger

I normally don’t discuss a lot of real world events seeing as how this site is normally rooted in entertainment and film news, but I am inclined to play a role in helping out where and when I can. It involves a near-fatal incident that happened last Thursday when a car fleeing a shootout with another car crashed into a Toyota Prius in San Leandro, California, injuring Paul Doran and wife, Susan.

The jaws of life were reportedly needed to free the couple after the crash. As NBC Bay Area reported this week, the shooting is still being investigated while both Paul and Susan suffered extensive severe injuries; Paul,’ is currently in a medically induced coma and fighting for his life after sustaining multiple internal upper-body injuries while Susan suffered broken bones and torn ligaments in her arm, leg, ribs and spine.

Since then, the family has had to enter the spotlight a bit. Their daughter-in-law, Bridger Fox Doran, is an actress and stuntwoman I’ve been familiar with up to a decade thusfar and I’ve covered her a few times on my site. It was on early Friday morning that I learned of this whole incident after texting her asking what happened, and this week, she’s had to share her story with NBC Bay Area with word that the insurer wouldn’t be able to pay for Susan’s surgeries if they didn’t move her to one of their own facilities, essentially separating her from her husband in their time of need.

The latest report does state that the insurance company, Kaiser, did hint at a change of heart in that matter, but it’s not enough. With Bridger and her wife, Kaitlin, only able to pay for 100% of Paul’s costs, Susan’s surgeries still need to be compensated as the medical costs will increase beyond their means.

As such, the family has already begun crowdfunding at You Caring where you can read more about the situation in full detail, as well as donate. Of course, however, if you cannot donate, share the You Caring link throughout social media. Copy and paste the link for friends and family to do the same, and anyone who may be able and willing to lend a helping hand to a family working harder than they should to keep itself together in their time of need this Holiday season.