What is Project: THRONE?

…That is the question, and it’s a pretty simple one, although very, VERY little is being willfully said about it since its conception earlier on. For now though, what we can go by is the information currently on display at its official Facebook page, including key names and companies, a very slow feed of stills, and a description that goes a little something like this:

“THRONE” is the an epic, action-adventure film from Halvon Corps. Entertainment, PMV Entertainment (“JumpStart the Movie”), and the producers who brought you “Violence” and “Insecurity”! 

“THRONE” has an insanely talented international cast and crew led by Aaron Toney (“Gaurdians of the Galaxy”), James Young (“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”), & Brendon Huor (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”). And it features the amazingly creative talents from EpicRival, Thousand Pounds Action Company, LBP Stunts Chicago, 87Eleven Action Design, EMC Monkeys, & Flow (just to name a few)! 

Stay updated by connecting with us on social media! And when “THRONE” drops… 

“…you’re gonna see some serious sh**!” ~Dr. Emmitt Brown

Click the photos for larger viewing:

If you follow my site and happen to be a devout fan of independent film and action cinema, you’ll likely recognize the names mentioned above, like Hollywood stuntman Aaron Toney, who is directing this project. And it makes sense that Toney is the one sitting in the director’s chair considering how much talent he sees and appreciates among professional performers, something he expressed in a special exclusive interview with our own Darren Bailey earlier this year. “I’ve seen nothing but good things come from people like The Stunt People, Thousand Pounds, EMC, Lazy Brown Productions…all these guys are top notch, …which is why I like working with all you guys.” he said. “You do some of your best work with independent, like-minded people.”

Needless to say, these like minds are keeping extra quiet about this little upcoming gem, and perhaps rightfully so, seeing as how awesome this project is already looking. So, indeed, no spoilers or clues just yet, but by all means, do the sensible thing and follow Project: THRONE on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and watch this space for more news!

To watch the full interview from April, CLICK HERE!