Rama Gets Down And Dirty In A New Clip From THE RAID 2

While I can assure you that the picture above represents nothing close to the latest clip from director Gareth Evans‘s new film, The Raid 2 (and at best, we can just hope to see those ambitious-looking moves in another film in the not-too-distant future), the following footage is just a taste of the brutal, dirty, scrubby, nasty awesomeness that awaits the film’s nationwide release just hours from now.

Expect bruises, broken bones, ans maybe some hurt feelings. That’s all I’ll say about it.

You can learn a little more about that clip in THIS behind-the-scenes featurette about two minutes in. And remember! The cast and crew of The Raid 2 are hosting a Google Hangout VERY soon, and you may want to CLICK HERE to learn more if you wish to join in.

The bloody mayhem ensues in North America and Canada TOMORROW!!!

H/T: Apple Trailers