J. Kerry’s QI: SPACETIME WARRIORS Casts Wesley Wong With Andy Cheng To Direct

Prominent rising film star Wesley Wong (Sorry I Love You, Massagist, Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen, Falling In Love) has a forthcoming U.S. debut later this month with the release of Pacific Rim: Uprising. In the meantime, his career progression will continue forward with a starring lead role in the GenFilms SciFi original production, Qi: Spacetime Warriors, from renowned Hollywood action director and stunt coordinator and well known Jackie Chan cohort, Andy Cheng (Redline, End Game, Into The Badlands).

Described as a first-of-its-kind, epic Chinese, Hollywood-style sci-fi, Qi: Spacetime Warriors sees Wong leading the way as Wang Long Sheng, a Taoist Monk destined to become a Spacetime Warrior and save the universe from ancient inter-dimensional threats eager to destroy the world. According to press release details forwarded by City On Fire and Asian Movie Pulse, the film is based on a screenplay by writer, producer and filmmaker Jessie Kerry who won Silver for Best Original Screenplay at the 2017 Chinese Canada Golden Maple Film Festival, and is written with dialogue shared in English, Chinese, Russian and an artificial language to augment the film’s unique flair.

A raft of up to 36 foreign roles along with a combined roster of acting and martial arts talents are lining-up for the film which also lists Chinese actor Stefan Sun (iPartment 4, Legend of Princess Lanling), New Zealand actor James Trevena-Brown (Shannara Chronicles, American Woman, Charlie Says) and Canadian-Chinese actor Kent S. Leung (John Apple Jack, Chalay Thay Saath). Others up for major supporting roles are Australian actor Marcus Vanco (Shannara Chronicles) and Spanish actor Ivana Baquero (Pan’s Labyrinth, Shannara Chronicles) with multi-racial Asian talent Julia Lilly Sives reportedly cast for a role described as one that “will bridge cultures”.

Pre-production will rev-up this December at Wanda Studios in Qingdao, China with cameras rolling in the following March for a world premiere at the 74th edition Cannes International Film Festival. Other Chinese co-production companies involved are the American USA Hollywood Pictures International Inc. with branches in China and Hong Kong, the Beijing Legendary Pioneer Films Co. Ltd., the Beijing Hongying Culture Co. Ltd. and the Sichuan Ouyang Baoyu Culture Media Co. Ltd..

Wong, the Hong Kong-born son of power couple Hong Kong power couple Melvin Wong and Angie Chiu is represented by Asian Cinema Entertainment, and as of last December, Buchwald. Cheng, best known for film credits spanning from Hong Kong to Hollywood and adding the aforementioned Chan to a list of talents such as Sammo Hung (Martial Law), Isaac Florentine (U.S. Seals 2: The Ultimate Force), Peter Berg (The Rundown) and Stephen Fung (AMC’s Into The Badlands), is repped by KO Talent Agency and Stunts Unlimited.