‘Blind Fury’ – Movie Preview ‘RAGEAHOLIC’ (2022)

Written and directed by Yoshiki Takahashi, and based on a story by Yuki Kobayashi (Death Row Family) ‘RAGEHOLIC’: ADDICTED TO ANGER (2022) is currently playing in its native Japan and could pique the interest of those into the more intense crime thrillers – though this looks to capitalize more on a brutal narrative, rather than a more idiosyncratic slow more refined burn seen in the works of the legendary, Takeshi Kitano.‘RAGEHOLIC’ presents an intense and suffocating film that seems to be the modus operandi of a lot of more recent Japanese crime thrillers which are intensely violent; yet also portraying an honest depiction of flawed individual regardless of what side of the law they are on. Depictions of characters ultimately can be subverted with an extremity that is so deliberate, but not the point of parody; whilst the detectives on the side of the law become dogged with determination to the point of inhuman obsession, the gangsters may be shown as noble and steadfast. In any case ‘RAGEHOLIC’, seems to have this as its prevailing narrative with the Yakuza busting police officer (Yohta Kawase)” possessing some almost inhuman qualities, in his quest to uphold the law – the carelessness of his actions perhaps making him a more despicable and far less heroic protagonist. The fact that he is sent on a sabbatical to cure his bloodlust proves to be unsuccessful, and this patient becomes far worse upon his return to his old beat. Whilst this looks to be a compelling crime thriller, there is a certain mean spiritedness to it as the protagonist seems largely unlikable in his insatiable quest for revenge. It may not yet have a Western release, but its somewhat obnoxiously shocking style will sure have its fans and may become a cult hit. It also stars Yohta Kawase (SHIN GODZILLA), Aya Saiki, Ryuju Kobayashi, and Eita Okuno.