A Terrorist Act Unveils Something Much More Explosive In The New Webseries, THE GAMBIT

After making some notable moves last year with the inspired vision shared in his series installment of Grayson: Earth One, independent filmmaker Hisonni Johnson has since kept on his toes with other creative works, and his latest has just arrived in the form of the new action crime/drama miniseries, The Gambit. The new series reunites Johnson with actor Raj Bhavsar who leads the new story filled intrigue, suspense and intensity, with a compelling plot centered on a small squad of heavily armed ex-cops led by a disgruntled former police Sergeant who takes the Captain’s daughter hostage, and a janitorial worker caught in the middle of it all.

Fans of Johnson‘s work can expect more from the Grayson storyline rougly in the coming year. For now, The Gambit is in play with two new episodes already available via his Youtube channel where you may also subscribe.