FURROW: Female Bad-Ass Action Horror Proof-Of-Concept Sets Up ‘Rendel’ Director’s Next!

EXCLUSIVE: Having amply proven himself to the masses with his breakout Finnish superhero thriller, Rendel, director Jesse Haaja is now poised to move forward this Spring for ambitious action horror proof-of-concept Furrow. Haaja took to social media on Monday to break the news regarding the series/feature film hopeful, thus signaling the latest update since development began a year-and-a-half ago.

Described as a cross between Ash Vs. Evil Dead and the sprawling Resident Evil film franchise of late, Furrow sees actress and musician Jessica Wolff in the role of Laura, a young farm girl who accidentally releases unspeakable evil lurking in the swamps and is forced to fend off an entire army of swamp-zombies (or Swombies). Several core members from Rendel are also joining the project, including actors Rami Rusinen and Renne Korppila, and director of photography Tero Saikkonen.

The project has been on hold for a few months now but is ready to go with Haaja shepherding a new rewrite with Petra Forsten who wrote Jussi Hiltunen’s 2014 shortfilm drama, The Legacy. Furrow also hails a reunion of only the best kind with Mikko Lopponen dealing in on the action and stuntwork after catching netizens off guard with the blood-drenched revenge action thriller proof-of-concept, Eliza, in which Wolff also starred a few years ago.

Finish farms, swamps and zombie killing action led by a badass female lead all to the tune of regional Finnish music known as Humppa are just a portion of what Haaja promises. For that matter, we can also share some samples of the conceptual artwork he’s working on with Jarkko Vanhalakka which you can view in the imgur album below.