RAVAGER Needs Your Help!

If any of you are looking forward to a feature-length R-rated DC or Marvel comic book movie from Hollywood, that probably won’t happen for a really, really long time. Hence, feast your eyes on the folks over at GoingNowhere who made headlines earlier this year with the hit shortfilm, Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin, an impressive and pleasingly violent shortfilm by filmmakers Larry and Chris White.

Now they have something new to add to their iteration of the Deathstroke universe with what aims to be another round of gorgeously delivered, female-centered ass-kicking action of the same caliber with a new project in the form of Ravager, their newest collaboration with Aggressive Comix – the people hosting the project. Their new Kickstarter campaign video highlights a small summary of what the project will entail pertaining to just how much bigger they want this particular project to be in depth, story and overall quality, and as always, there are perks! And who doesn’t love perks?

The story would revolve around Rose Wilson (Ravager), the daughter of notorious assassin Slade Wilson (Deathstroke). We will follow her through training with her (manipulative and brutal) father Slade. We’ll see Rose gain her superhuman abilities and go on her first mission against Brother Blood & his demon worshiping cult….including a not so friendly Raven.

The project’s official Kickstarter platform also has a list of its locked cast, including Geekgasm host, actress Jenny Lorenzo who will play Raven opposite lead actress Elisabetta Fantone. Lorenzo had a previous role in GoingNowhere’s 2012 sci-fi action short favorite, The Hunger GameRs as the Snake Sword-wielding warrioress, Ivy. If you have not seen it yet, check it out below as it is worth viewing!

There is plenty of time to help support this project, so share this article or spread the Kickstarter link with friends and family. The more the merrier!