GARUDA POWER Presents A Cinematic Look Into Indonesia’s Long Legacy Of Making Kick Ass Movies!

While developments continue to linger for veteran Indonesian thesps Billy Chong and Barry Prima for the previously announced production of Garuda 7, the two prolific actors will be among a handful featured in Shaya Production’s latest documentary currently in post-production titled Garuda Power. The new documentary comes just off the heels of the spectacular success of director Gareth Evans’ latest thriller, The Raid 2, and aims to further explore the world of Indonesian action cinema, an industry that has produced hundreds of action movies dating back to the 1930’s.

Twitchfilm founder and editor and XYZ Films producer Todd Brown forwarded latest detailed press release for the new documentary which is now in post-production under director Bastian Meiresonne and producer Julien Thialo.

THE RAID 1 & 2’s success put worldwide spotlight on a largely unknown Asian Cinema country; few people know that there are currently 80 movies produced per year and that Gareth Evan’s instant action classics are the latest of a range of hundreds of totally crazy action titles produced in Indonesia since the early 1930s. 

The docu-fiction GARUDA POWER is the final result of many years of research about Indonesian Action Movies – or what’s still left of it. 

It focuses on Action Movies from the first Chinese-influenced martial arts movies of the 1930s, the James Bond copies of the swinging 1960s, the Bruce Lee-alikes and super hero  comic book adaptations of the 1970s, the golden age of the 1980s up to recent worldwide success of the two RAID movies. 

It will include never-before shown footage of old forgotten Action titles, many interviews of cult actors (Barry Prima, George Rudy, Billy Chong aka Willy Donzan; Advent Bangun…) and directors (Imam Tantowi, Ackyl Anwari…) of the 1980s and some unreleased behind-the-scenes footage of newer movies.

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