Yeah, About That Live-Action INUYASHA Poster…

Don’t wander too far down the well with this particular find. If you’re an InuYasha fan, you might be keen on a live-action film of some kind but what you’re looking at right now is latest reveal for Kayano Isamu’s upcoming stage play for a ten-day run at Tokyo’s Galaxy Theatre starting April 6.

Check it out below!

As for the cast, that’s Golden Bomber rock band member Yutaka Kyan in costume as inspired by Takahshi Rumiko’s Weekly Shonen Sunday manga from 1996 and subsequent anime from Sunrise; The story itself sees our title anti-hero as a rambunctious and incorrigible humanoid dog and warrior whose journey to become a full-on demon sees him collide with Kagome, young schoolgirl from the future after she falls into a mysterious well sending her back in time. It is only then that her perilous journey with InuYasha finds the two reluctantly forged on their quest to recover the pieces of a majestic jewel that ultimately links their destinies while battling forces of evil in their wake.

Nogizaka46’s own Wakatsuki Yumi and Ito Junna will perform in the respective roles of Kagome and her ancestor, InuYasha’s ill-fated love interest and former keeper of the sacred jewel, Kikyo. Sana Hiroki will star as InuYasha’s bitter and powerful half brother, Sesshomaru, Takiguchi Yukihiro will perform as cheeky monk, Miroku and demon sorceror Nakaru will be played by Kimura Ryou.

More info can be read at ANN, and mind you, this is just a play and it’s not it’s first time on stage either. The prospects of this getting a live-action adaption off the ground are unknown, although Naruto did have its own play and Lionsgate now has a stake in that effort as of last year. I sure hope the play is a success though but its safe to say that the artwork sells it.

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