Casper Van Dien Hates Bugs, So Help Him Kill Them In Mark Steven Grove's STAR RAIDERS: THE ADVENTURES OF SABER RAINE!

Director Mark Steven Grove‘s love for independent, low-budget filmlore and all things action and sci-fi has since led him to his latest labor, Star Raiders: The Adventures Of Saber Raine. It boasts a main cast consisting of actor Casper Van Dien and action legends Cynthia Rothrock and James Lew, with actress Sara Salazar also serving as unit production manager and Adam Lispus producing and many of the people on set wore multiple hats throughout its principal photography prior to its completion. That said, Grove‘s new film needs your help now that it’s in post production and a Kickstarter campaign is already underway to help accomplish just that.


Rocket ships, Rayguns, and Robots abound in this heart-pounding tale where the stellar adventurer Saber Raine is hired to guide three elite soldiers on a rescue mission to recover a prince and princess who have been abducted from their home world.   

The trail leads Saber and his allies to a planet deep within uncharted space inhabited by strange mutated creatures, leech-like desert marauders, renegade mercenaries, alien outcasts, and cybernetically enhanced soldiers that guard mysterious ruins of a long forgotten empire. 

Deep within the ruins, Sinjin, a sinister overlord freed from a cryogenic chamber that has been his prison for many centuries, is now in league with the Quintari, a malevolent insectoid race known throughout the galaxy as the scourge. 

In possession of a powerful new energy source, Sinjin plots his revenge on the descendants of those who betrayed him in the past. 

Can our heroes complete their rescue mission and stop Sinjin from unleashing his fury on the universe? Find out in Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine!

The campaign video at the Kickstarter page is up and running with speaking segments from Grove and Van Dien, in addition to a slew of footage from the film to help lend an idea on what Grove has in store for this latest intergalactic swashbuckler. He’s got quite a diverse resumé with one particular shortfilm I had the opportunity to recently sample called Blue Hope in which he coordinated stunts for actress Marina Voruz’s action and directing debut, and there’s even a small clip for it available online as of this write-up which offers a somewhat promising testament to the kind of work Grove loves doing for filmgoers.

So if you want to see something on a slightly bigger scale with greater star power, Star Raiders: The Adventures Of Saber Raine appears to be that film, although it can’t be done without your help, and as per its crowdfunding status, there are perks indeed!

Watch the campaign video and learn all you need about what you can give and get back in return.