Vemuganti’s Tamil/Telugu Martial Arts Film “PUTHU VARSHAM” Currently In Production

Veteran actor Banuchandar plays a martial art instructor who uses his craft for illegal activities. As the lead villain in Puthu Varsham, he is pitted against Jayanth, a karate specialist. Incidentally, Jayanth is Banuchandar’s son in real life, this being his third movie. Director Vemuganti, who has already made five successful films in Telugu, is attempting his first bilingual (Tamil and Telugu) with Puthu Varsham. “So far I have dealt with varied themes — comedy, love, women’s issues, devotional and even one on the devadasis. Martial arts is the central theme of Puthu Varsham with romance thrown in. I have cast a new face, Priyadarshini Ghose opposite Jayanth,” says Vemuganti.