THE LAST MASTERS: Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Partners To Produce Martial Arts Action Thriller


It’s an exciting time for producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura whose latest venture with Flagship, upcoming novel adaptation The Meg is already picking up steam with a trailer and teaser poster forthcoming this month. In the meantime, the bustling producer has stayed busy working on a new partnership now affirmed through online trade reports at The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline on Monday on the existence of China-U.S. co-Production The Last Masters.

Watchmen and upcoming Superfly remake scribe Alex Tse is penning the screenplay for the film, billed as a martial arts action thriller that follows three generations of fighters who team up to take down an international criminal organization emboldened by big pharma and powerful drug kingpins. Parent company Tang Media Partners is paring with Global Road (the biproduct of last year’s merger between IM Global and Open Road) in a premiere partnership together along with the aforementioned producer of such films as G.I. Joe, its 2013 3D sequel, and the prolific Transformers film franchise as well as a multitude of other major films.

The Donald Tang-owned company reportedly unveiled the project amid announcing new growth initiatives which also include the acquisition of 10 to 20 Hollywood titles for China distribution, as well as partnership with Reliance for mutual film release dealings with India. Lynn Harris, president of worldwide production at Global Road will oversee the film’s production which will film in select territories around the world, including China.

via THR:

“This Hollywood-China co-production will offer a fresh perspective on one of China’s most treasured cultural exports — martial arts — exploring how this ancient discipline is still relevant in today’s world,” Global Road said in a statement.

“I have known and worked with Lorenzo for many years and not only is he one of the best producers in our industry, he also has a passion for making great films with top tier talent,” said Global Road CEO Rob Friedman. “Working with him on our first Chinese co-production is a great way to jumpstart this part of our business and is the start of what we hope are many collaborations to come.”

[Di Bonaventura] added in a statement: “Alex and I are excited to be collaborating with Rob and his team at Global Road. I love this type of movie, it brings together a sense of tradition, high-voltage action, emotional challenges for its characters and speaks to a worldwide audience.”

“TMP believes in the strong potential of high-quality Chinese content and will continue to invest heavily in this area,” Donald Tang added.