Morroccan Filmmaker Tarek Arehal Debuts His Latest Shortfilm, BRAWL

I’m not too familiar with the independent action scene over in North Africa. However, there is at least one aspiring filmmaker in one such area looking to make an effort in breathing life to the martial arts action scene overseas.

Pan over to Morroccan indepenent filmmaker Tarek Arehal, fellow action fan and purveyor of all things martial arts on film, whose latest short, Brawl, marks his latest debut into shortfilm territory. It’s a small step, but it’s also one with great significance considering the positive reactions he’s been getting since releasing it online nearly a week ago.

The choreography is impressive, and the action performances by Mustapha Soubane and Mbark El Aouad are almost solid. And regarding the music and the way the action is set up, it’s also clear where Arehal got his inspiration…

Nuff said.

Add this one to your video queue for later. Otherwise, check out Brawl right now in the embed below, and be sure subscribe to Arehal‘s Youtube channel for more content in the next several months!