TEN-TON ASSASSIN: Max Zhang And Ada Choi, Others To Star In Jeff Lau’s New Kidnapping Thriller

Be on the look out for former Wushu athlete-turned rising action star Max Zhang in the year ahead. He’s made a killing in Soi Cheang’s S.P.L. 2: A Time For Consequences and Wilson Yip’s Ip Man 3, the latter for which its franchise is now aiming at a spin-off for the role he played opposite leading man Donnie Yen, and will soon be seen in Fruit Chan’s Made In Kowloon, and Jonathan Li’s The Brink.

That’s probably more than enough for you at this point while, suffice it to say, it doesn’t end there, and with news on a new $17 million dollar action thriller on the horizon from director Jeffrey Lau (Metallic Attraction: Kung Fu Cyborg, A Chinese Odyssey trilogy) for Ten-Ton Assassin. Cameras reportedly begin rolling in March with Zhang and real-life wife, actress Ada Choi starring as a divorced couple who reunite to look for their kidnapped son.

The two apparently won’t be alone in presenting the film’s fitting action millieu with the presence of the recent League Of Gods and One Night Only co-star, actor Andy On, and Zhang’s fellow Ip Man 3 co-star Danny Chan. That’s all the information available at present while we await more on Zhang’s currently listed prospects, so check back soon and stay excited!

H/T: Asian Film Strike