'Consequences' Surround The New English Title For SPL 2

Thai action star Tony Jaa just got some screentime in Cannes with the unveiling of footage from his new internationally cast action thriller, Skin Trade with Dolph Lundgren and Michael Jai White, which could lead to some exciting distribution news in the days or weeks ahead. In the meantime, principal photography is already underway as of May 1 for Jaa’s new action thriller, Sha Po Lang 2, and the second of two posters have already begun circulating the internet for the film’s presentation in Cannes this month.

View it below:

In light of the new poster unveiling this month, co-producer Mike Selby has confirmed from producers Wilson Yip and Paco Wong who designed the new poster that the film’s accompanying English sales title will be A Time For Consequences. Serving as a thematic sequel/prequel following the spectacular 2005 crime pic, Sha Po Lang, the new film is directed by Cheang Pou-Soi will center on Kit, a tough undercover cop betrayed by his supervisor and forced to break out of prison with the help of reluctant Thai prison guard, Chai (Jaa), to stop and catch a notorious crimeboss and reunite with his dying daughter as her only means of survival.

With further casting news and other developments to be made, the news is slowly developing for what is expected to be another dazzling martial arts crime actioner for Cheang following up from the January release of The Monkey King, now poised for sequel of its own with a new sales poster for presentation.

Set to release next year, SPL 2 / A Time For Consequences stars Jaa along with returning actors Simon Yam and Wu Jing, and newly added cast member Max Zhang with a cameo by actor Louis Koo.