What's New With Nicholas Cage? New Poster For LEFT BEHIND And Much More!

What you’re looking at is the latest poster headling actor Nicholas Cage for the upcoming October release of stunt veteran Vic Armstrong‘s latest directorial offering, Left Behind, which sees Cage playing a pilot in search of his family among a handful of those who have survived the rapture. The film is one in several new thrillers for the actor who was announced a few weeks ago at Cannes to be featured alongside actor Jack Huston in the production of writing-directing duo Alex and Ben Brewer’s new crime thriller from Highland Film Group titled, The Trust. But that’s not all.

Following a seven-year legal battle over a wiretapping case that eventually saw filmmaker John McTiernan‘s release from prison after serving nearly year behind bars, the acclaimed director is back in the film fray and working on the new action thriller, Red Squad. The also film offers a little something extra special for action fans who have cultivated much of their fandom back in the 80’s and 90’s when McTiernan and Cage were at their height of their careers.

Based on a script by Cam Cannon and Jorge Suarez, Cage will star in a story of a band of mercs taking taking on a drug lord in a Mexican border town. The film is also one in at least a few of McTiernan‘s latest projects in development, including a sequel to his 1999 remake of Norman Jewison’s 1968 heist pic, The Thomas Crown Affair.

Cage is also tapped for a hopeful sequel following the forthcoming Fall/Winter release of his next epic appearance in stunt veteran Nick Powell’s directorial debut adventure thriller, Outcast, produced by Jeremy Bolt and starring Hayden Christensen and Liu Yifei.

Stay tuned for more info.

H/T: The Playlist / Indiewire