THEORY OF AMBITIONS: Global Films Leads Joint Investment In Philip Yung’s Upcoming 2018 Crime Thriller

Acclaimed Port Of Call helmer Philip Yung’s period cop thriller, Theory Of Ambitions, is currently being slated for a late 2018 release. For this, Global Group’s film shingle, Global Group Films Limited has announced a joint investment with Dadi Century Films (Beijing) Co., Ltd and Mei Ah Film Production Co, Ltd in the new movie being designated as a year-end big budget blockbuster with Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung Chiu Wai debuting together on screen.

Per the announcement, the film tells of the legend of four senior Chinese police officers in colonial Hong Kong, when corruption was rife, who influenced both the criminal underworld and the police force, but eventually turned their backs on that way of life, paving the way for a new anti-corruption era in Hong Kong. Rounding out the cast are Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Michael Chow Man-Kin, Michael Hui Koon Man, Du Juan, Louis Cheung, Michael Ning, Ron Ng, Tse Kwan Ho, Maggie Hoyee Cheung and Elaine Kam Yin-Ling.

The move also speaks to the PRC’s vast exhibitor industry totalling 49,000 screens comprising Mainland China’s according to SAPPRFT data last month surpassing the U.S. on a global scale. Furthermore, last year’s viewership reached 1.37 billion and by this year the Middle Kingdom is expected to reach RMB55 billion in box office revenue, representing a year-on-year increase of 10%.

“The film market in China is booming. The number and quality of films co-produced in mainland China and Hong Kong have improved significantly and become the mainstream. Recognising this huge potential, the Group has actively sought high-quality projects to meet the enormous demand of mainland audiences for outstanding film productions,” said Dr. Johnny Hon, founder and executive chairman of the Global Group, who is the executive producer of the film. “Also, the Group is committed to introducing excellent Chinese films to the international market and promoting Chinese culture to audiences around the world. Looking forward, the Group will continue to seek cooperation opportunities with top studios and explore quality media projects to offer the best entertainment experience to audiences around the world.”

Leung and Kwok are both currently tapped to tackle Chinese New Year releases this February with Leung starring in Raman Hui’s Monster Hunt 2, and Kwok reprising his role for more action and adventure in The Monkey King 3: Kingdom Of Women.