Poetic Justice Is King In The New Short Film From ENSO Productions, TRANSCENDING FEAR

I had the good fortune of coming across a short film early this year called Del Oppresso Libre, from the Florida based martial arts film and stunt action team, ENSO Productions. Headed by founder, actor, stuntman, martial artist, coordinator and independent filmmaker Walter Garcia, their work is proven to be some of the most raw, gritty, high voltage, envelope-pushing visions of independent online action filmmaking I have ever seen in my days as a writer and indie action fan. And if anything, their latest shortfilm release, Transcending Fear, is proof of that.

Garcia directed wrote, edited, choreographed and shot the fifteen minute action drama featuring performers Jenn Harris and Taryn Terrell as two of a trio of anti-heroic assassins known as the notorious “ABC’s Of Death”, assassins who lead an eccentric, evil lifestyle of murder, death and bloodshed, founded on a code that establishes their own philosophical order and dogma.

The beautiful part here is that as the story progresses, it is that very code that helps keep our dark heroines alive in the face of another force of evil. This, incorporated with the theme on which the title is based, makes for a foundation of some truly exciting and brilliant storytelling from Garcia who also does terrifically in crafting spectacular action and stunt sequences that are in-your-face with an illustriously twitsted story about sexy and dangerous femme fatales whose methods are horrific, brutal, downright sadistic, and justifiably dark and poetic in a way that will definitely have you rooting for the bad girl.

I will be looking into sharing an email discussion with him in the months leading up to some of the projects that he has been involved in which I will share then. Transcending Fear also stars Ryan Robertson and Christian Geoffery Gray. Enjoy the action and subscribe to the channel below.