Elimination thrillers are still a thing, particularly with films like the latest release of Die Fighting and the newly announced production for The Condemned 2. Writer, executive producer and director Jon Hewitt knows this, and is now responding in kind with a remake of Drive Hard helmer Brian Trenchard-Smith’s 1982 sci-fi horror flick, Turkey Shoot.

The film centers on lead actor Dominic Purcell in a story set in a not-too-distant future where a former Navy SEAL trades time in prison for chances in a deadly, televised game of reality-based surival. Also starring are actresses Viva Bianca and co-scribe Belinda McClory, and actor Robert Taylor, with Antony I Ginnane producing. International sales agent Guardian Entertainment will be on hand to represent the film at this month’s events at the American Film Market alongside Lightining Entertainment who also have a slate of their own.

The news also comes as one of a few recent updates for Purcell in lieu of Tapped helmer Allan Ungar‘s new action thriller Gridlocked, which just debut its latest poster. Purcell stars as a former SWAT leader forced to strategize with a movie star on a ride-along when a training facility they arrive to gets taken under siege by mercs.

Tapped star Cody Hackman, acrors Danny Glover and Stephen Lang, and WWE diva Trish Stratus also star with a script by Ungar and co-writer Rob Robol. Red Sea Media will be granting the film its market debut at the AFM as well.

Stay tuned for more info!

H/T: Screendaily