Scott Adkins Actioner TWILIGHT ZODIAC Rolls Cameras As Production Goes Underway

Actor Scott Adkins is staying on his feet well into the new year in lieu of the upcoming release of his latest with director Jesse Johnson, Accident Man. The multifaceted martial arts star is currently in China making headway with a raft of actors for Twilight Zodiac as confirmed by Adkins’s Facebook fanpage with the martial arts star reuniting with helmer Ernie Barbarash following the 2011 Jean-Claude Van Damme headliner, Assassination Games.

Plot details are thin while several photos can be seen via social media featuring the likes of Adkins who rejoins with action director Tim Man for their fifth project together, and with actor and martial arts star Andy On who rematches once more with his fellow Black Mask 2: City Of Masks co-star. Also starring is lead actress Anna Troung best known for shepherding recent Vietnamese actioners with director Cuong Ngo on Huong Ga (2014) and Truy Sat in which Leeder co-stars, and actress Lily Jie of Pacific Rim 2 and Skiptrace fame.

Longstanding film veteran Roger Corman is producing along with Iqiyi, and with Phil Pamet (Rob Zombie’s Halloween) lensing. Mike Leeder also produces with fellow Pound Of Flesh cohort Henry Luk.