Monkids Presents: NINJA TURTLE KIDS!

Uh oh! Shredder is on the loose and the city needs heroes! Time for Leonardo and her band of heroes to spring into action in the new short, Ninja Turtle Kids!

Yes, it’s the newest online short from Monkids, a channel launched by a small handful of amazing, adorable kids in France by the names of Victoria and William Taing. Action actor and martial artist Kefi Abrikh gets his moment as the Shredder, with a cameo appearance by YouTube personality Bruce Duan. The channel launched just a few months ago and as these young artists here have already done several videos before then with their much older cousin, actor and stuntman (AND good friend) Anthony Pho, I have to say these kids are simply too fun to not look at. They will definitely put a smile on your face.

Check it out below, and it plays in a playlist so be sure to watch the blooper reel that comes on just afterwards.