WE WILL NOT DIE TONIGHT Rocks Out To Stabby, Punchy And Bloody Anarchy In The Official Teaser

Filipino action and spectacle won’t be limited to the tasks of one director on the eve of this year’s New York Asian Film Festival. Enter Richard V. Somes who has directed at least two films with actress Erich Gonzales prior to their latest pairing for upcoming thriller, We Will Not Die Tonight.

A teaser was released on Gonzales’s own Facebook fanpage late last year and thus, I’ve only just learned about it myself per its festival plans this summer…

And this is why film festivals are so darn important!

As for Gonzales, she tackles the role of Kray, a stuntwoman forced to survive a single night of terror – and that’s about as much as I’ve been able to find for a plot with languishing too much through Google. The buzz also insists that Gonzales, who has up to more than a decade of acting experience, lived up to her hefty training regime involving Muay Thai as well as other matters of rigorous stunt preparation involving “staircase scenes, barbwires, sharp objects, rusty metals and nasty elevator shafts”, and rest assured the teaser below hints at some of these good and plentily in brutal fashion.

There isn’t an exact release date known yet, although with any luck we’ll find out soon and perhaps even yet learn of some acquisition news stateside. Until then, the teaser may already be familiar to those in the know, but if this is the first you’ve learned of it, take a look below and read more about what’s in store at NYAFF this summer!