Embattled Hearts Converge In The Latest Epic Kung Fu Short, D.R.Y.

Registration is currently closed for the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge and there are a few entries floating around the interwebs as the event ends on May 4. One of those entries is the latest one-off short film K & K Productions’ own George and Harry Kirby called D.R.Y. which sees actor Aaron Ly in a tragic love triangle that leads to a time-bending one-on-seven epic fight to the finish.

Actress Kunjue Li and actor Bruce Chong also star in this latest vital gem which also comes with its own behind-the-scenes link in the channel as well. The new short also arrives as genre fans are within days from witnessing the long-awaited new trailer for K & K’s upcoming Dragonball Z fan project, Frieza Saga. And there will be more discussion on that project in the coming weeks, so stick around. So, while you’re here, watch D.R.Y. in the embed below where you may also subscribe.

To learn more about the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge, visit their official website by CLICKING HERE.