HERETIC: John Fallon Officially Tapped To Direct Period Sword Epic In 2019

John Fallon (writer/star, American Muscle) has been hard at work developing his latest period thriller, Heretic, since taking it to the Frontières Market in Montreal last summer. To date, he will now be the one to take to the directors’ chair for his next film following Michael Paré thriller, The Shelter, according to Brad Miska’s reporting at Bloody Disgusting on Thursday.

1149. William and Roland, two Templars, are on their way back home after losing the second Crusade. Both men are dealing with the weight of the war and of having failed God quite differently. Roland is repentant, attempting to correct his wrongs via good deeds and kindness, while William justifies his harshness by claiming that every hardship is a test and part of “God’s will”. As if the increasing divide between the two men wasn’t enough, they also have to face a slew of deadly obstacles on their journey through a civil war torn England while being chased by a mysterious assassin with an agenda of his own. The sudden presence of Anna, a bewitching woman, on their path eventually brings the palpable tension to a boil.

Nation’s Fire and Vigilante Diaries’ star Paul Sloan and One Life To Live actor Mark Lawson will star in the film a script by Fallon and co-scribe, Horsehead writer Karim Cheriguene. Furthermore, Oscar Gold Productions’ own Asko Akopyan, who produced Sloan’s Vigilante Diaries will join in as lead producer with Fallon’s Bruise Productions banner and JoBlo Movie Productions.

Asko had this to say about joining the project: “After speaking with the director and hearing the passion and enthusiasm he had for Heretic, I read the script and realized that this is the perfect project for me to once again take back to my home country of Armenia and film it there in its entirety. I’m excited to help produce this thought provoking and powerful story.”

Fallon is also involved with the upcoming shortfilm production of The Proposal featuring Australian martial arts talent, actor Marc Natoli who is also co-producing Heretic. Production is expected to roll cameras in Armenia early next year.