Director Sam Cleveland Brings You In On The Action With BOUNCER

“Well we start small with some hand-to-hand in the clubs and then steadily work our way up as the story builds into a citywide gang war, then for the finale shrink back to something small and intense that focuses on the characters. I think on a lot of new blockbusters, every action sequence is competing to be the most intense scene in the movie. There’s not a lot of variation or build, you just swing from dialogue scenes to manic action and back again. That’s one of the things Joss Whedon did so well on The Avengers… the intensity and scope of the action builds on this beautiful curve until half of Manhattan is on fire. The first Die Hard is another great template: the action builds from one-on-one fights to the roof explosion and firehose showstopper, then winds it back for the final shootout in the vault, just McClane, Hans and Holly.”