Review: THE LEGEND OF BRUCE LEE – Volume One (2008 TV Series)

While in high school, with mostly British students in Hong Kong while Britain resided/ruled at the time, Bruce saw the discrimination against Chinese students thinking they were not “good enough” like the Brit students were. He decides to excel in order to prove that Chinese people are also competent and talented. Winning a Cha-Cha contest with childhood friend Qin Xiao Man (Xiao-Xiao Bian), he becomes the source of annoyance by schoolmate Blair Lewis (Ted Duran), a talented boxer. His disdain for the Chinese people puts him and Bruce in many confrontations and Bruce gets his ass handed to him time and again until he learns boxing himself and winds up on the school’s boxing team. The rivalry between the two leads up to a championship where Bruce wins against Blair. And from that moment Blair knew Bruce could achieve anything. He sets out to teach Bruce about three-time champion David Cafeld (Kszysztof Kristofer Wodejszo), setting aside rivalries and becoming friends.