Graphic Novel-Style Action Highlights The New Teaser For Indonesian Period Drama, BARAKATI

The world of Indonesian film continues to flex its muscles with a cinematic vision that clearly shares a beat or two from that of films like 300 and its upcoming sequel next month. This particular film is called Barakati, and not much is known yet about the film’s plot, other than it centers as a period action adventure epic set somewhere possibly in the 14th century in the ancient kingdom of Majapahit on the southeast Asian island of Buton (history buffs may know better than I at this point about that period). One thing for certain is that fans of sword-and-sandal blood spillers could find Barakati interesting to check out upon its release this May and thereafter.

Directed by Monty Tiwa with a script by Eric Tiwa, singer and actress Acha takes the lead with actors Fedi Nuril, Dwi Sasono, Jonathan Armstrong, and actor Tio Pakusadewo of The Raid 2: Berandal and Guardian fame, and actresses Ninik L. Karim and Ratna Riantiarno rounding out the cast. Stay tuned for further info.