FIGHTING SPIRIT FILM FESTIVAL 2018: Scott Adkins To Lead The One-Night Line-Up With ACCIDENT MAN Premiere And Q&A

2016’s inaugural events at the Fighting Spirit Film Festival and the year that followed have amply set things in motion for the sustenance of martial arts fandom in the U.K.. Reasonably, it’s all the more reason to look forward to another evening of action-packed festivities headlined by none other than celebrated action star Scott Adkins who will headline the event to be kicked off with the official U.K. premiere of one of our own favorites, Accident Man.

That means an early chance to view the beloved, martial arts-infused bone breaking comedic action thriller and engage a Q&A with the star on April 7 –  just nine days ahead of its official regional release on April 16. The programme will also be ripe with several winning independent action gems from last year’s FSFF – namely Eric Jacobus’s Blindsided, Beau Fowler’s Express Delivery, and Leif Johnston’s crowdfunded action short, Kowloon Killers starring Tien Hoang.

The 3rd annual Fighting Spirit Film Festival will be held at the Mockingbird Cinema in the city of Birmingham. Alas, if you’re in the area and looking for something fantastic to watch on the big screen among like-minded types, visit the official website for the festival and learn more on how to attend and the programme itself, and much more.