Prepare To Die Laughing At The Hands Of JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMAGE!

Blockbuster action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme‘s latest appeal to comedy has proven positive for the actor in light of his latest laugh-out-loud role in the newly-released Rob Meltzer helmer, Welcome To The Jungle. And this week, the Muscles From Brussels continues to flex it all for a brand new contest being hosted by Funny Or Die for aspiring filmmakers looking for a chance to win some prizes while getting to share some screentime (via crafty-editing) with the actor and martial arts powerhouse.

In light of this, multifaceted independent filmmaking cult favorite and RocketJump co-founder Freddie Wong had some time on his hands recently to collaborate with his friends over at Funny Or Die to get some lenstime for himself with Van Damme in making his own short movie. And for the record, Wong isn’t participating in the contest. But it does go to show that for fans and followers of Wong, the surprises never cease.

Watch, laugh and repeat, and for more info on the contest, CLICK HERE. Also, check your local listings for theater screenings and video-on-demand availability for Welcome To The Jungle!