87 Eleven Action Design Presents: GARBAGE DAY

Jeremy Marinas takes out the trash in the new 87 Eleven shortfilm, Garbage Day

The guys over at Hollywood stunt training facility 87 Eleven Action Design have been a little more active on their official Facebook page, sharing photos and videos highlighting some of their work. One of those videos now includes the latest practice gig showcasing the feats of action actors and stunt professionals Jeremy Marinas and Brendon Huor in the new short, Garbage Day.

I have been keeping as much of an eye as possible in the past year and change between Huor‘s activity in the independent action scene, and Marinas‘s viral video presence as a high-profile tricking impressario-one in a small group of athletes who choreograph and peform stunts known as 3 Amigos. Marinas previously caught my attention with fellow team member Daniel Graham in the 2013 shortfilm, Death Before Dishonor a little over a year ago this month, and filmgoers can expect to see plenty more from Marinas and Huor in the months ahead, particularly in featured stunt performances doubling two of the main characters in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this August.

So, as you might have suspected, if you are into action and are just now tuning in, then consider Garbage Day time well spent.

Check it out below, and give 87 Eleven a Facebook ‘Like’ by CLICKING HERE.