It's All-Out War In Jean-Marc Minéo's GATES OF THE SUN: ALGERIA FOREVER. Watch The Trailer!

Putting aside any and all hype a few years ago from when Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen once pondered getting together with champion former boxer, sometime actor Mike Tyson for a follow-up to Special ID, the latest trailer for Tyson’s upcoming cameo appearance in writer and director Jean-Marc Minéo‘s upcoming action thriller, Gates Of The Sun: Algeria Forever, should serve a nice little treat for fans who may have otherwise been curious as to how well he does in action when he’s not doing comedy. The film marks Minéo‘s return to the martial arts action genre following his directorial work with star Jon Foo on the 2011 thriller, Bangkok Revenge, which incidentally grants his new film billing as Algeria’s first-ever martial arts film, considering its location, and for what it’s worth, hopefully a film like this will drive more studios to this particular location to bring something to its action talent within the region.