CRIME CITY: Don Lee Is All Smiles And Fists In The First Trailer

Actor Don Lee (a.k.a. Ma Dong-Seok) is an absolute favorite of mine, especially after his performance in Train To Busan with Gong Yoo. He’s joined now by documentary filmmaker Kang Yoon-Seong whose narrative debut, Crime City, has arrived in fine, ripped-from-the-headlines crime comedy noir fashion.

The four-year effort from Kang – inspired by a spate of arrests in 2007 – sees Lee and actor Yoon Kye-sang leading the story of a detective who struggles to bring down a crime ring in the Garibong neighborhood in Seoul comprised of Korean immigrants from China. Also starring are Inside Men co-star Jo Jae-yun and The King actor Choi Kwi-hwa for the film’s forthcoming release in October.

Check out the first official trailer.