Action Adventure Anime, RWBY, Returns With More Mystery And Conspiracy In Volume 5: Episode 1

Longstanding animated series, RWBY continues its strong run this month with the first episode of its fifth season already live online courtesy of Rooster Teeth. Co-scribe Kerry Shawcross is back at the helm since taking the mantle for the show’s third volume stemming from creator, the late Monty Oum (Red vs. Blue) who launched the project in 2013.

The show takes you on an epic journey set in Remnant, a world where “Dust” is the most prized and traded commodity among consumers from varying species. With dark forces looming, each kingdom is home to a school that trains Huntsmen and Huntresses, as among which we meet four young women inaugurated at Beacon Academy through training, competition and coming-of-age friendship.

The rise of evil beasts called Grimm soon pivot our tale with tragic results, ensuing a harrowing journey in which our four heroines are seperated in the fourth season as they must prepare for their most dangerous battle yet. Their enemy: A dark, mysterious goddess who lusts for the relics, the magic powers of legendary maidens named after the four seasons, and the destruction of all mankind’s hope. And that’s where volume five kicks in…

Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are each entangled in journeys of their own, but they all share one destination: Haven Academy. Whether it’s the promise of ancient relics, mystical maidens, or simply more power, it’s clear that the stage for the next great battle for Remnant has been chosen. The question is, with so many players in this game, who’s going to come out on top?

The series is available on YouTube while you can also check out the show at the official Rooster Teeth website. For those already caught up and haven’t started on 5 yet, check it out below and feel free to check out what’s in store for the upcoming board game, RWBY: Combat Ready.