Bryan Sloyer Airs His Newest Test Fight!

Lance K. Jemison and Amy Sturdivant trade fists and feet, directed by Bryan Sloyer

Upon sharing his previous independent screenfighting endeavors with stuntwoman and actress Michelle Martins for LBP Stunts indie action lensman Emmanuel Manzanares back in February, it was then during my discussions with fellow stuntman Bryan Sloyer that he briefly mentioned taking interest in dabbling behind the camera for his own experimentation in the field of action direction. On Monday this week, netizens and action fans alike got a small glimpse of those newfound, early efforts in a brand new one-minute test fight featuring performances by Lance K. Jemison and Amy Sturdivant.

I reached out to both performers and was fortunate to get in touch with Sturdivant, a Seattle native now living in Los Angeles. who has been training in stunts for a year with five months of career work also under her belt. “It’s definitely a challenge unlike anything I’ve done.” she says. “I feel like there will always be something new to learn as a performer and I enjoy being a student in that aspect.”.

Having acclimated herself with various stunt coordinators and other professionals, she expressed her appreciation for each individual vision and style that coordinators apply to their craft, as mutually, and significantly beneficial to her own growth as an up-and-comer in her field; Such was the case for her latest collaboration with Sloyer (pictured left) for whom she shared more words of praise. “He really takes the time to look at his performers and understand their strengths and weaknesses and push us beyond our comfort zones just before the point of us breaking so he gets everything he can out of us and we grow beyond our own expectations.” she says. “If we are ever reaching a plateau then he has a way of explaining techniques that will draw it out of us. With that, I really enjoy working with him!”.

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