CHRISTMAS BLOODY CHRISTMAS Review: The Gift of Killer Robot Mayhem for the Holidays

Being a big fan of Joe Begos’ last couple of films, I went excitedly into his newest. And the main thought I was struck by while watching “Christmas Bloody Christmas” is there was a Terminator movie released within the last few years and despite the fact that James Cameron himself was involved in making it, “Christmas Bloody Christmas” actually feels more like “The Terminator” by leaps and bounds. I recently was able to speak to Begos and when I mentioned that, he claimed “The Terminator” as his favorite movie and that is completely unsurprising to me after seeing this film. It’s a love letter to Cameron’s 1984 sci-fi classic in the same way Begos’ previous film, “VFW”, seemed a clear valentine to John Carpenter’s “Assault On Precinct 13.”