HIDEO GOSHA X3 Review: A Must-See Trio Of Thrilling, Poetic Chanbara And Yakuza Classics For Any Asian Film Fan

This May will mark twenty years since the passing of actor Isao Natsuyagi, who made waves earlier in his career with Samurai Wolf in 1966 for Toei. Marking his debut lead role in his second screen credit – Hideo Gosha’s fifth feature after making his mark with titles like Three Outlaw Samurai and Sword Of The Beast, Natsuyagi takes center stage as a charismatic ronin who finds himself squarely in the middle of a feud between the employees of a local shipping and relay company run by blind owner Lady Chise (Junko Miyazono), and Nizaemon (Tatsuo Endo), a crime boss looking to take it over.