GingerNinjaTrickster Presents: BATMAN VS. SPIDER-MAN

Martial artist, actor and online content creator Aaron Gassor, better known by his nom de plume, Ginger Ninja Trickster, popped up on my radar as early as last year with the earlier promotion for his upcoming appearance in Marcus Shakesheff‘s directorial debut, Kamikaze. Needless to say, he’s been making waves within the martial arts cinema circles for sometime now, as a performer, as well as an athlete and instructor.

If you’ve subscribed to his Facebook page at all within the past year, you’ve likely seen some amazing videos, including various solo and collaborative acts from time to time. His most recent get-together with Welsh indie group, Flawless Films can now be viewed online featuring Gassor at his most snarky in a Spider-Man costume opposite the Dark Knight himself, played by Jake Rogers. It’s a little something for the comic book fanboys and girls alike. Take a looksy!