Teasers For Oleg Stepchenko’s THE JOURNEY TO CHINA Boasts Sweeping Visuals And Big Scale Action And Adventure

There’s not a whole lot of consistency here with the current campaign for Oleg Stepchenko’s new epic, The Journey To China. The film is, however, slated for a local release from NBC Universal Russia while its biggest appeal come courtesy of its prominent editions, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, along with the promise of grandiose signature martial arts action as teased in previous videos.

Apart from this, it’s actor Jason Flemyng’s stage here reprising his role from the 2014 film, Viy which, in also being helmed by Stepchenko, underwent its own evolution hampered by a number of issues. Flemyng returns to the role of cartographer Jonathan Green as he’s commissioned by the Czar to go on another adventure – one that ultimately lands him in China where he’ll crosspaths with Asian princesses, mystical creatures, skilled warriors and a Dragon King for good measure.

I’m sure Chan and Schwarzenegger, and Rutger Hauer will fit in somewhere in all this amid the Russian and Asian cast and we’ll learn how in due time. Meanwhile, a new teaser trailer has seemed to emerge online and until further notice, you can view it below. I’m also sharing an international teaser just beneath from last year which looks plenty crisp and worthwhile. Oh, and something about a mask…maybe? Idunno.

Check out both below!